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Count on us to clean your screens
and lenses in seconds.

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The best screen cleaning tool (fluff) on the planet. Smart Fluffy Fluff is a small fluff of cuteness that is designed to clean your mobile phone, laptop, all digital screens, tablets, your keyboard, and the digital clock in your car! Mine has been with me for over 10 years and to this day I use it at least twice a day.

1. Soft 

2. Easy to use 

3. Tiny- fits in any handbag, purse, or even your pocket 

4. Nice soft microfibre fingers 

5. Cute round shape 

6. Comes in 4 different colours 

7. Goes in the washing machine whenever you feel that it needs a wash.

1. Hold it facing down, wipe gently in a circular motion all over the surface/screen 

 2. Magic. No dust, no fingerprints, in seconds.

1. Easy to use 

2. Small- fits anywhere.Cleans well -

3. no more embarrassing fingerprints on your smartphone screen 

4. Saves money- you buy it only once 

5. Machine Washable 

6. Spares you embarrassment when using your dusty laptop in a public place or when showing a friend an image on your phone!

7. If you look after it and treat it well, you could use it for more than ten years 

8. Makes a great gift for literally anyone who uses a computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, iPad, a digital watch, or a car 

9. You don’t need to recharge it! It does not take batteries 

10. Durable. No expiry date. Mine survived ten years of daily use 

11. Due to the brilliant colour and cute fluffy fluffs on it; easily found if lost.

1. Highly addictive. You may go crazy if it goes missing, as you will get used to having clean screens all around you! but the good news is that with its nice brilliant colours, it will be easy to find.

Note: Your Smart Fluffy Fluff does not come with eyes or glasses, we added that for decoration!


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